Condako is one of the few suppliers specialized in designing multilayer composites. By combining films and Non wovens, using a diverse range of lamination technologies, we are able to develop innovative cost efficient solutions to fit almost any functional requirement.

0ur experience in the industry and knowledge of non woven, film and lamination technologies gives us the tools to design creative solutions that will save money and can increase productivity at the same time.  

Condako has build up a portfolio of composites for a diverse range of applications and processes:
  • Coated Non wovens: Polyolefines, PU, CoPET, CoPa
  • Non woven - (barrier) film combinations (Folienvlies)
  • Coated glass veil composites
  • Coated and uncoated Chopped Strand Glass Matt (CSM)
  • Multilayer alternatives to TPO and PVC foil

Furthermore, we offer the widest range of textile lamination solutions:
  • Thermoplastic Hot melt textile lamination
  • Thermoset PU textile lamination
  • Flatbed textile  lamination