Our Philosophy: A Modern Keiretsu

Keiretsu is an age-old Japanese supply chain structure which can be translated as “superior supplier relationship”

The goal of  Keiretsu is to come to overall lower operating cost.  These cost savings are generated on different levels:

  • The reduction of the supplier base will significantly reduce the overall working cost, specifically overhead cost for purchasing, product development and quality assurance. 
  • Increasing the turn over with specific suppliers and engaging into a long term relationships with these suppliers, the average profit margins needed by the suppliers can be reduced,  resulting in lower material costs.    
  • Through a close collaboration with a specific supplier, development cycle times can be reduced, as no time is wasted in selecting potential suppliers. This will lead to a competitive advantage for the customer.   
  • Furthermore, the supplier can be involved already in the concept phase of the development and take over development work, reducing the overall development cost.  
  • Through target pricing product concepts can be priced precisely and offered more competitively to the end customer. The customer will know exactly what the product is going to cost once it goes into production.             
  • Finally, the superior supplier relation will result in a close corporation creating the possibility for open discussions. This will lead to process and product optimization and respective cost savings at both sides.

Condako aspires to become a preferred supplier to the Automotive Suppliers by offering the widest product range, extensive experience and knowledge in product development for the industry. To achieve this goal, Condako has created a network of specialized companies, offering the broadest range of technologies to our customers.